The school building is thoughtfully planned and built with a futuristic design to foster innovative & forward thinking amongst the students. A refreshing and modern approach to teaching using the latest audio - visual and multimedia based teaching aids, coupled with spacious and well ventilated classrooms with plenty of natural light make for a truly stimulating teaching learning environment.

The most modern infrastructure, comprehensive facilities, an invigorating environment facilities learning and all round development. It gives the students the confidence to be leaders, be it scholastic areas, sports, extracurricular activities, or co-scholastic activities that they may choose.

a.) Commerce and Humanities are among main academic streams offered at +2 levels:-

  • Various combinations of subjects are offered so that students can pursue their desired courses to study later in life.
  • An equal stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus and on preparing the students for the various competitive entrance examinations.
  • Result oriented training is imparted by experience professionals who target for total development and desired success.
  • Remedial teaching helps children who are unable to cope with academics. The concept of synchro- study has being introduced to reduce stress levels of students. A synchronized study pattern is maintained between the course content of the board examinations and that of the competitive entrance examinations.
  • Students have complete access to the various laboratories and library resources, specially designed for the study and research requirements of the senior level students.


Sports being an integral part of the all round development of human personality, it has been at the forefront of the school. Achieving excellence in sports has great bearing on national prestige and morale. In order to meet the increasing demands on the changing scenario, national and international, the school supports and nurtures talent in students and provides them with requisite infrastructure, equipment, competition exposure and coaching facilities.


With the revolutionary growth in technology, there is something new to learn every day for students who want to excel in this competitive world. We at Oxford Public School, provide our students with latest tools and technologies, to make them prepared for the competitive world. SMART CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY is a world class technology and an embedded teaching tool. Our school has special classrooms which have equipped with multiple display monitor and big screen plasma TVs and a PC for the teacher, which is digitally connected with knowledge center. Through the knowledge center excellent teaching resources such as animation clips, vedios, pictures, diagrams and working models etc are brought straight to the classroom.

Interactive board, which is composed of several features that motivates and make learning mush more interesting and easier for the students. The interactive board used at Oxford School is loaded with unique features, which facilitates the visualization of the course content and the other information.


Self study and reading are important skill towards developing the habit of lifelong learning which an indispensable tool for future careers is. For this purpose a well equipped and stocked library with different types of books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers is available. Every child is inspired and encouraged to go to the library during library periods as well as in free time.


To enhance learning ability and skill and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school has a large number of modern laboratory systems, including:


Children are taught folk and light and classical music along with the instrument such as Sitar, harmonium, bongo etc. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers of melody and rhythm. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students who have a passion towards dancing by Indian and Western dance teachers.